Seize the Day, Make Memories, Touch the Whale Spit.

Each day we are presented with a million small opportunities (give or take a few), and what we decide to do in those moments could change our lives for better, for worse, or could just lead to some really interesting stories. In my opinion, those instances that lead to fun memories are the best. I think we tend to brush them off as unimportant parts of our lives, but when you really think back on them aren’t they sometimes the moments that make your heart smile the widest?  I would like to encourage you to look for the small random and unique opportunities each day has to present and to try to convince you that if you can get past the uneasy emotions you might have about them you will actually realize that they are worth seizing.

A few years ago I participated in the Beluga Encounter at Mystic Aquarium. During the encounter the whale trainer stuck his hand into the beluga’s mouth and pulled out a big ol’ wad of whale spit. He asked if any of us wanted to touch it. Everyone else looked on in disgust as I stuck my hand right into that pile of goo. Now I know intentionally putting your hand into another creature’s bodily fluid might not sound glamorous, BUT rather than seeing it as disgusting I realized that it really was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I do not dance, but when I was in Guatemala at the discoteca you better believe I shook my tail feather, and when the kids in Africa pulled me up on stage I moved my hips like there was no tomorrow.

When my friend asked if I wanted to be in the local beauty pageant at the fair I thought she was ridiculous, but I said screw it, put on a dress, and rocked that stage as hard as I could. I won Miss Congeniality because, let’s be honest, my personality is my best feature, not my face, but that is a story that I love to tell.

I also tried out to be the Oscar Meyer Weiner kid. I sang the Bologna Song, got stage freight, failed miserably, and ended up with a bumper sticker and a fun story.

I am sure that if you think back to certain moments when you pushed through doubt, or fear, or just acted on a whim, you will admit that those were some of your favorite stories to tell. When we realize that it doesn’t matter if we’re being judged or not as long as we’re having fun, life becomes a whole lot more enjoyable. I am challenging you to do at least one random/unique activity each week that you may not otherwise have tried. See how it makes you feel. If you love it then encourage someone else to do the same. If nothing else, you will be the most exciting person participating in the “get to know you” games at your next work function.

Suck the life out of every day. Leave no opportunity undone. Do things you are afraid to try. Just touch the whale spit!

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