#WhyWeTellTheStory – and a special giveaway

About 25 years ago, three girlfriends and I bought tickets to see Once on this Island on Broadway.

We were ill prepared for the ways the one-act musical moved and inspired us.  Based on the novel, My Love, My Love; or, The Peasant Girl by Rosa Guy, Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty created a timeless masterpiece.

This was a magical island love story in tumultuous times.  Dark skinned peasant girl met privileged light-skinned boy.  Girl and boy fell in love.  Girl sacrificed herself to allow boy to live. Girl’s sacrifice and the power of her love ultimately broke down the barriers on the island, uniting its people, finally bringing hope to a previously devastated place.

Once on this Island is returning to Broadway before the end of this year. A new cast will share this story, full of social issues, diversity, love, despair, rebirth.

Sound familiar?

We are treading through uncomfortable waters.  Today’s world is full of uncertainty, injustice, a sense of hopelessness and confusion.  It is hard to make sense of this challenging time; harder still to explain it to our children.  There is so much sadness and fear.

My friend, Dawn, channeled her growing unease and discomfort into a place of hope.

She designed a logo and started creating shirts for family and friends.

All proceeds from the sale of the design are donated to the ACLU.

In short, she is amazing.

The Giveaway

Once On This Island teaches that storytelling is essential for understanding and forgiving.  One lucky reader will win her or his own no-hate shirt (or onesie), to proudly share in Dawn’s dream of a future based in harmony and love.

This is not Dawn. I need a picture of Dawn wearing her shirt.
I do, however, have one of her brother, supporting his sister. Kudos, Gabe!
So much love here!

To enter:  Post a comment here.  Share your own story of compassion or love. Something that restores your faith or allows for healing.  Tell Dawn how inspiring she is. Let us know what you do to promote harmony.  Share some positive vibes.  Only good wishes and kindness wanted. One lucky winner will be randomly selected on September 5, 2017.

Disclosure:  The opinions in this post are my own; I was not paid to offer my opinions. I did not receive the shirt mentioned in this post but look forward to ordering one soon.  I did not receive anything from Once on this Island but cannot wait to experience its magic again.

In case you are not the winner, visit Dawn’s etsy shop, ChooseKindnessDesign.

Life is why
We tell the story
Pain is why
We tell the story
Love is why
We tell the story
Grief is why
We tell the story
Hope is why
We tell the story
Faith is why
We tell the story
You are why
We tell the story
Why we tell the story
Why we tell the story
Why we tell the story

So I hope that you will tell this tale tomorrow
It will help your heart remember and relive
It will help you feel the anger and the sorrow
And forgive

Excerpted from “Why We Tell the Story” from Once on this Island.

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