Step Off

Tonight a neighbor walked by and casually said, “Well now what are you going to do when you have three?” 

Right. She said it. Stone-faced and with no follow up giggle.

My reaction was natural:  “Wait, did I ask you? Right, keep walking your dog.” (ok fine, originally the f-word was littered in there).

But what actually came out was…”(Awkward laugh) We will see when the baby comes. One day at a time, right, haha?”

To be fair, she walked by while I was asking my husband for help. It was 5:30 I had bread in the oven, dinner on the stove and a half-made salad on the counter. Surprise surprise, my three-year old needed my help and he needed it in the front yard. He also needed it NOW.  By help, I mean he wanted me to watch him play on his hot wheels. He didn’t want me touching him, encouraging him or playing with him – just watching him. I could hear the buzzer, but couldn’t leave him (safely).  Every time I inched away from him I heard a whimper and after a full-day of work, my mom-guilt settled in.

So, yea I needed some help. Hence the, “Jerrrrrrryyyyyyy!” Where was he anyways?

(Cue nosy neighbor).

I assume when the baby comes that the baby will just be in my arms when things like this happen (sleeping happily). Perhaps John will step up to the plate and will cave easier when I need him to (“Sure mom, what else do you need me to do”). Maybe, just maybe I’ll have to ask Jerry for some more help (he owes me anyways).

Either way I think I’ll survive. I’ll also probably do it better if I know there aren’t “judgy eyes” watching me from across the street.

Let’s be kind people.


One thought on “Step Off

  1. URGH! Not what you needed! There’s 12 months between my two children, and if I’ve been told I’ve got my hands full once, I’ve heard it 485673341 times! I’m sure you’ll be fine with 3! My mum managed with 5 haha!


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