Yes, I Bring My Kids to Beer Gardens

Not too long ago, a friend of mine posted on facebook about being at a local beer garden and she posed the question, “Can someone please tell me why this place is full of kids?” I laughed a bit and shrugged it off because – hey, she is entitled to her opinion. As a mother of just two, I sometimes look around my house and think, “Can someone please tell me why this place is full of kids?”

Of course, this opened up a small can of worms in the comment section. Someone replied, “Because parents need to drink too”. A few people made sarcastic, but not overly offensive comments about not approving of bringing the kids here. I responded with, “That’s actually why we love it there. We can bring the kids, beers for Denis, and cocktails for me! And if I didn’t have somewhere to be, I’d invite myself to meet you there!”

All was well until I saw this comment, “Because people don’t know how to get a babysitter and go out and enjoy each other’s company to strengthen their relationship or they cant afford one which means they should stay home or they are not smart enough.” Aside from just generally being annoyed at the lack of proper punctuation and the overall judgmental tone of the comment, it was really the last five words that got to me. THEY.ARE.NOT.SMART.ENOUGH.

Are you kidding me?! Holy Judgements, Batman! What gives this person (or any person) the right to basically call parents dumb? Because, you know, we’re not judged nearly enough in our daily life. So now, we’re being portrayed as idiots because on Sunday afternoon we take a break from our errands to have a drink. Honestly, the rudeness of people blows my mind. The kicker? The first reply was my friend fully encouraging with, “I love you!”

My two cuties sharing a stroller.
My two cuties! (Photo Cred: Sasha Russell)

I get it. They don’t know what it’s like to have kids. Honestly, I would love to have the opportunity to go out and about without having to worry about my two little buggers. One crying for a snack, while the other is trying to figure out how to escape his stroller.

Never really able to shop properly, just walking through the aisles in a constant state of mind that’s stuck somewhere between alarm and being in a daze. Making lists in my head: fruit, yogurt, milk, “Don’t do that!!”… Where was I? fruit, yogurt, milk, din… “Where’s the binky?!” “Why did you drop that?!” “What are you doing?!”

The thing is, times may be rough, but “these kids” aren’t going anywhere fast – nor do I want them to! Do I love the occasional night that they stay at my mom’s and we’re able to catch a movie? Of course. But, sorry, not sorry, I also love Sunday afternoons with my family and sometimes that time is spent at a beer garden.



**Thank you, Joe and Johnna, for helping work through my feelings and some kinks. ❤

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