A Much Needed Smile

As you are well aware, our world is a mess right now. There are so many tragic events happening, and it seems as if we could all use a smile. Here are some of my favorite pieces of artwork from my kindergarten classroom over the years. I hope they make you happy, and if nothing else, take your mind off of the craziness of the world if even for a minute.


I think these dinos like each other an awful lot too. Just a guess.

After having a discussion earlier in the day about the Mayflower, I asked the kids to draw May flowers in the calendar we were making for their parents for the holidays. I think he might have misunderstood what I meant, but I like that he drew both because he knew at least one was correct.

This is the most intense Goldilocks drawing I have ever seen. I was told that the purple dot is her brain, by the way.

This is great advice!

Kindergarten humor at its finest. “I have a big face and a little body.” They laughed at this for at least 10 minutes.

I was told that was the dinosaur’s extra leg when I inquired about this picture. The people’s faces in the picture accurately display what my face probably looked like before I was told it was a leg because I was pretty sure it was something else.

Who wouldn’t want to have a disco party?!

“I will recycle bottles. I will not watch t.v, instead I will watch the clouds.” This one just made my heart smile.

I was going for “this,” but I can see why the confusion happened. This paper was revamped after this little mishap.

I love the honesty. They always tell it how it is.

This is just funny. I laughed for a good long time to myself about this one.

Here’s the thing. Kindergartners understand that we need to bring peace to the world so why can’t adults understand it as well? Remember, even on the craziest of days, a little shift in perspective can make all of the difference. Kids have a beautiful way of seeing the world with kindness and purity, and I envy them for that. Play in the sun, watch the clouds, and bring peace to the world.

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