Because every picture tells a story….

This is my mother-in-law, Julie. She loves her family, and adores her granddaughters. So much so she agreed to a “sleepover” last night.

Life can be messy, and hard. She is smiling a little more each day.

We don’t get the “real” newspaper anymore, but instead read it online. Her son went out early this morning to make sure he had the Hartford Courant on our table for her to read when she woke up.

Life can be messy, and hard. And new.

She doesn’t like me fussing over her and making coffee for her, so we did it together.

Life can be messy and hard, but we are leaning on each together.

Yesterday she told the cashier in her beloved Trade Joes she was sad and a recent widow. This young man, who just met her, rushed outside to meet her by her car with the most beautiful bouquet of fall flowers to “cheer her up” a bit. She told him she loved sunflowers. The name of her and her husband’s street.

Life can be messy, and hard. But filled with kindness and the most beautiful memories.

She shared stories of growing up with the girls yesterday and joined them on the couch in her pjs. She kissed them goodnight and stayed up late to watch the 11’oclock news with her son.

Life can be messy and hard, but also kind and beautiful.

We hope she agrees to more sleepovers… ❤️


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