I Swear I am Not That Mom

It’s November 16th and I’ve got Christmas presents for my kids and my nieces and (soon-to-be nephew) wrapped and packed to go.

I am so not that mom!

I am sure some of you are and I am in awe, but I am usually wrapping on the 20th (fine the 24th). But this year I have a holiday baby on the way. Even if the baby doesn’t come until January, I am nervous I’ll be too big, too uncomfortable, too cranky to get everything done. You know like the wrapping…

Yet, that’s not why these presents are wrapped.

In Berlin they decorate one of the fire trucks and once December comes around you can hear Christmas songs playing in neighborhoods all around you. The “Santa Express” stops at your house and Santa comes to your door with presents for every child inside.

It is as great as it seems.

It comes with a few strings: A three hour wait (outside) in October to sign up for a date and time, a November 16th drop off of all Christmas presents clearly marked, and a cheap $10 donation per child.

So yes, even though it’s Thanksgiving next week and my three year old had a major meltdown in his school parking lot and I am eight months pregnant and it’s 8:30 at night and I am downstairs but my kids have called me three times already for extra hugs – I did indeed wrap a few gifts and do something right.

I just won’t do the rest until Christmas Eve.


Let the Christmas season begin!

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