When I had more time…

You guys, I am so glad the holidays are over.  Between work, buying people presents they don’t want, and maintaining this family, this Type A nutso is exhausted. I feel like I’m doing basically fine but then I think about the kind of stuff I used to do… even basic stuff like get my hair cut… that have been thrown by the wayside the past two years or so and long for the days when I had more time.

Because back then, I was a better mom, a better wife and possibly a better person. Or at least a normal person.  Or at least a more normalish person.  Kind of.  Ok here are some of the things I’m talking ’bout:

  • I went shopping.  At stores.  99% of what everyone got for Christmas this year was purchased online between the hours of 10 and 11 p.m.  If it weren’t for Amazon, everyone would’ve disowned us.
  • I had people over. My daughter’s best friend just came over to our house for the first time.  They’ve been friends for almost three years. When I have a free minute, inviting people over is typically the last thing I think of – although usually the one I enjoy the most.
  • I slept.  Bedtime used to be at 9:30… then 10… then 10:30… now we’re up to 10:45.  And when the stress really piles on, it’s another hour before I’m actually sleeping.  My eyes are always just so… tired.
  • I took more pictures of my children.  Ok I still take a crap load of pictures of them but I used to use my fancy camera.  I used to sort through them and edit my favorites.  I used to put them all on a picture website so that at the end of the year, I could create a keepsake book.  I also used to put my faves on Facebook.  Now I use my iphone and just put my faves on Facebook… still more than the average mom but not nearly what I used to.  (Yes, I can hear all you FB friends muttering ‘really? She cut back?’ I DID.)
  • I took my kids places.  We do still do this but it was blatantly clear how far I’ve fallen this past vacation week when my children spent entire days… multiple days… in their PJs at home. By the time I finished up the work emails, all I wanted to do was nothing.  Fortunately, they didn’t complain.
  • I spent more time doing nothing with my husband. We both have a bad habit of playing mindless computer games at night when we’re watching TV but there was a time in our lives when we were both at least paying attention to what was on.  Now the TV’s still on but so is my work laptop. One added bonus for him is getting to listen to me muttering curse words every 10 min or so (because that’s how I do my best work.)
  • I wrote coherent, complete blog posts.  There is a point to all this rambling, right?  I think so but I am just so tired…….  Insert something about doing just fine and I’m too hard on myself here… zzzz

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