Oh Paper, My Paper

My law firm is paperless, which is marvelous for a long list of reasons. Especially as it allows me to work remotely and thus have a part-time and flexible schedule. However, as a result of my traveling laptop I have gone without my old-school desk calendar.

I’ve been happily surviving without it for a few years, but as my little ones have turned into school-aged children the calendar has exploded, to say the least.

Until this New Year, I was using a Google calendar, my work calendar, my home white board calendar for the current month, my home paper calendar for the year, two school academic calendars and then random post-it notes and appointment cards with reminders all over the counter. Not to mention my Word document chart which details my schedule and task list in two-week increments. I have survived…but it has been a tad crazy. Aka Hot. Mess. 

Without wanting my personal life on my work calendar I intentionally kept these calendars separate. Not surprisingly, there have been holes in this approach. I’ve messed up times, days of the weeks and made my life infinitely hard than it had to be.

I don’t know if I was subconsciously rejecting the old-school paper way of life. But I’ve come full circle and have purchased a paper calendar book. I literally have not bought one of these in YEARS. The last one I bought was in law school, and it was for keeping track of my school assignments.

Last week I ordered my calendar and was literally giddy when it arrived in the mail. I told my husband to hit up the PS4 and I spent my Friday night calendaring. It was the BEST.  

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to be in control of my schedule. Here’s to hoping my old-school paper office product is the key. Wish me luck — and good luck to your resolutions as well!

2 thoughts on “Oh Paper, My Paper

  1. yeah for old – school paper calendars. Writing and seeing is believing (and finding), and the ‘to dos’ don’t get lost in the cloud! Good luck.


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