Solidarity, Mamas! (…in a Tattoo?)

There’s this thing going on in right now where mamas of kids with Down syndrome are getting a matching tattoo – three little arrows to represent the three 21st chromosomes our babies each have.

More than that, though, its a symbol of the shared journey we’re all taking.

…The almond eyes we all look into each morning

…The exhilaration we felt when our kids finally accomplished a goal, months or even years after their peers

…The sadness we realize when our kid isn’t invited to playdates like the others

…The frustration we feel with basically anything related to IEPs

…The medical appointments we’d rather do without

…The grief we feel when our other kids just ‘get’ stuff faster

…The internal struggle of whether to tell or not to tell new people we meet about our kids – because the last thing we need is ‘the look,’ the ‘that must’ve been so hard,’ or the ‘you’re so inspirational’

…The love we have our kids to rise up and move forward, no matter what the circumstance.

Solidarity, mamas.

Now I’ve never felt passionate enough about anything to get a tattoo. And honestly, while I know many people who have beautiful art on their bodies, I’ve never seen anything I’ve liked enough to have to live with it the rest of my life.  That said, the simplicity and meaning behind this one may be just enough.

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