Mother Daughter Day With My First Born

Mommy-daughter date at Daisy’s

One of the perks of working the job that I do is that I get most of the same holidays off as my daughter has off from school. February included a couple of those days and as one of them approached, I thought about spending a day together with just my first born. The girl who made me a mom. The girl who has been such a wonderful older sister to her newborn sister these past few months. The girl who has never complained once when we had to drop everything to tend to the baby or rearrange our schedule for her.

Emily was so excited when I told her we would drop off the baby at daycare like usual and have a day just her and I.  I had just spent 3 months with a lot of one on one time with the baby and I was longing for time with my oldest. When I thought about it, I couldn’t remember the last time we had a day just her and I. Usually we’re all together as a family or we are out with friends. We were definitely overdue for a mommy-daughter date.

We went out to breakfast and chatted over pancakes and french toast and chocolate milk (her) and coffee (me). It struck me so many times while we ate breakfast just how grown up she is. She’s almost 7 (!) years old! Where has the time gone? We talked about so many things and I could really see her growth in the past year or so in holding conversation and stating opinions and asking questions. It was lovely. And the waitresses got a kick out of her wearing a tiara for breakfast which reminds me that I should be doing more of that too!

After breakfast we had some time to kill before a Daisy meeting so we went home and read a bit. Part of my daughter’s homework is to read for an allotted time each day. It was nice to lay on the couch next to her and read together – just her and I. Another thing to do more of in the future.

We then went to the library and went to her Daisy meeting. I stayed to help out and I had fun getting to know the girls in her troop and helping out with the crafts and games of the day. We had pizza for lunch and giggled together. More of this in the future please!

When we were leaving the library, the weather had gotten so beautiful and I was longing to see my baby so I suggested picking up the baby and going for a walk. Emily loved this idea. And we did just that. Emily walked her baby in her stroller and I walked my baby in my stroller. I loved my day with Emily and ending it with the three of us was just perfect. It reminded me how important it is to spend time with each kid one on one. More of that in the future.

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