Nothing Without You

Florida, and some of my best friends beckoned me away last week – away, from the Connecticut winter that won’t die to sunshine and freedom.  Despite some flight drama, we somehow managed to orchestrate and follow through with three nights away from our husbands (Thanks, guys!) and collective group of nine kids (Love, ya!) between us.

This weekend was so good.  SO.  GOOD.  It is quite possible that I laugh more than I breathe when I’m with this group.  Days later, I am still laughing, albeit awkwardly and completely to myself, about the quick, witty comments and free spirited streams of consciousness we shared without hesitation.  I savored every moment of our time together from the silliness of our spa and rooftop photo shoots to delighting in mojitos on the beach and ten (or was it twelve?) course tasting menu.  I am completely charmed by our ability to slip right back into the same dynamics that ruled our shared living quarters during the early 2000s.  You will always be my tribe.

We don’t see each other often enough, this is true, and I often sift through pictures of us from 15 years ago to brighten my days.  The best part of this exercise, aside from appreciating the perfect skin and well rested eyes of our younger selves, is noticing our smiles.  Ever present.  Pure and filled with joy.  Brimming with optimism and hope.  Embracing life before us.  Despite all the different ways our lives have unfolded since graduation, those smiles and the love fueling them, are ever present.  I don’t think there is a more convincing testament to the strength of our friendships.

By the end of our four years together, we were over it. Our school was small and we had our fill of the same faces and familiar spaces.  But now, I can’t get enough of the opportunity to relive our history and make new memories.  I hugged my each of my girls as the weekend came to a close. The promise of ‘next year’ until forever held between us.

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