Mom Hack #1

If Google and smartphones weren’t a thing during my experience of motherhood I would most certainly be a maniac.

Despite the blessings of my own mother sharing her deep wells of wisdom,  my sisters and my mom-friends, sometimes I just need to go online and figure a few things out.

Mom hacks are out there and in full supply. What to do with dried markers, letting your hair set while the kids play, freezer cooking, shopping with baby and even something about putting ice on your carpet to remove indentation…(I need to check that last one out).

I love the lists and compilations of Mom Hacks. I’m a saver of pins on Pinterest. I pin them and even email them to myself when I really want to bring those ideas into the mix. In the working moms community we see a lot of brilliant ideas for busy moms. I love seeing new ideas for on-the-go style, organization and a better breakfast. Some are genius and some make me laugh. Some work for you and some work for me. But the common thread in all of them is “to make life a little easier.”

With that in mind, let me share with you the Mom Hack of all Mom Hacks, it’s Mom Hack #1.

About two weeks ago the director of client services in my office told me she spoke to a prospective client on the phone earlier that day. The client was worried the lawyer (me) would be too clinical, that I wouldn’t understand her case which was a Family Law matter. My colleague told her I was a mother of 5 children, and the client was immediately satisfied.

That’s it…Mom Hack #1, to make life a little easier – remember the sisterhood of Motherhood. We’re all living each others’ lives in one way or another. Embrace it and acknowledge it when you can; that ability to relate to each other will impact our lives outside of motherhood.

Don’t worry about being judged. On the occasions I’m on the go without kids I might be that woman starting a little too long at the mom struggling with her fussy child. I’m not judging, I’m sending my “I AM YOU” vibes.


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