I Like This Week.

It’s MAY. We made it!

I’m partial to May since it’s my birthday month, of course, but it really is a great one. The cold has thawed and we are thinking summery thoughts. The end of the school year tends to be overwhelming and busy, but it’s an exciting time of year nonetheless.

Nothing profound happened to me this week. In fact some unpleasant things went down, including 2 sick kids and a tree falling in our yard, but I am feeling particularly cheery about the day-to-days.

  1. At my 5-year old’s physical this week the doctors and staff were uber-complimentary on the kids’ behavior. Those compliments made me feel like all my yelling and repetition actually paid off. I was feeling proud.
  2. One of the twins had shorts over her pants, all of which was under her skirt. The other twin had no shoes. Which was a mommy-oversight. Still received the compliments and felt that much better about it.
  3. On not one, but two, occasions this week my son introduced himself as “Paw Patrol.” Nothing profound with this, it just was amusing and made me enjoy my week even more.
  4. We got out the hose. We have a new spray attachment, and they know how to use it.
  5. Segway to this one – we got out the bathing suits and sunscreen.
  6. I finally cracked the code on common core math. To those still struggling, it’s like geometry – once the light bulb goes on, you’re good to go.
  7. My oldest daughter was NOT happy about the Disney characters on her bathing suit, which was purchased last summer. As annoying as it was because I refuse to purchase another one until FIT is an issue…I was proud that she is growing up, in a self-aware, age-appropriate fashion.

Seven is my favorite number so I’m going to leave it at that. All of these things happened since May 1st.¬†

My husband is in the process of organizing our 2017 photos for our annual photo book (note: yes I should blog more often about how amazing he is), and looking at pictures just from January 2017 our kids basically looked like newborn infants compared to now.

This is why I like this week. We did it, we’re doing it…. we keep at it everyday. All of the little crazy things are making little awesome people, just like that.

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