The Reluctant Dance Mom (Part 3)

Two years ago my littlest daughter decided she wanted to become a dancer.  I had successfully avoided dance mom status with the other two girls as they had both leaned (or were pushed) toward sports like soccer and basketball.  My youngest, however, was determined to resist my shoves no matter how pink her cleats and shin guards were.  She wanted to dance.  I wrote about my hesitation and overall reluctance to even walk through the door of a dance studio here.  I wrote about the stress of our first recital season here.

So here we are, year two of dance under our belts.  This year my bun making skill was ON POINT with her thin whispy hair.  Not only were we completely prepared for every rehearsal and performance, we were early. I didn’t complain one bit about any of it (well most of it). And every time I saw my baby on stage my smile was enormous. As was hers. My baby is most definitely a dancer.

My middle daughter, Olivia, now also dances a little and she took one hip hop class a week with this dance studio these last two years.  She firmly dismissed the idea of taking any other type of dance class and straddled the two worlds of sports and dance/theater expertly…until spring.  After one of her dress rehearsals for the recital one of the school’s directors approached her and encouraged her to try out for their hip hop company. As I smiled and nodded and told Olivia how wonderful it was to be noticed and encouraged my inner dialogue was saying, “Nooooooooooooooooo” over and over again.

The company??? If one of my kids is in the company it’s all over.  No more denying that I was a dance mom.  No way to fit in sports AND dance.  No way we could AFFORD both sports AND dance.  My hands would forever smell of hair gel. No, no, no, no. Not happening.

So Olivia auditioned for the company.

This week I received the welcome materials, requirements, important dates, and a list of the costs.  I may have passed out for a brief minute.  Olivia is excited and I truly do like this dance studio, it’s directors, and it’s culture so I agreed pretty quickly that we would be figuring this all out.  I’m also beginning to acknowledge the little voice in the back of my brain telling me Abigail would soon be following her into this world of dance competitions, especially now that her sister would be dancing more.

Now that I am the mother to a member of dance studio’s performing company I guess I need to admit that I am officially a dance mom. As I sat on the soccer field this weekend I tried my best to enjoy.  My older girls are most definitely done with soccer next week. Olivia has agreed to eliminate soccer to make room for her new commitment to dance and my oldest is just done.  As for the littlest one, I think I’ll get another season or two from her but I’ll be more worried about her hurting herself so she can’t dance than her scoring a goal. My soccer mom hat is almost ready to be tossed into a drawer.  I’m going to be a dance mom. And I’m all in.


*All photo credits, Dawn Chesanow.


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