The Summer That Almost Wasn’t

Is it just me or does everyone feel as if summer had a hard time getting started this year? Between IEP prep/meetings, jaunts to Boston, doctor’s and dentist appointments, finalizing camp forms and schedules plus end of school activities and then the end of the school year just being weird – not to mention the added days for snow day make-ups. And now looking at the calendar I can’t believe it’s already the middle of July!! We’ve had so much going on for so long that time is flying by and honestly I’m not sure our “summer” speed is any different than our “school year” speed. Weekends book up and then that spills over to evenings and before you know it back-to-school is here.  
Knowing that we likely have another (more invasive) surgery on the horizon for Gavin (which means longer recovery) and that we still have about half a summer left, I want to start filling up the calendar but with fun things and try to leave the “have to do’s” until the dog days of summer. I have several places on my summer bucket list that I’d like to take the kids but only so much time. I’ve listed several places below so if anyone has any experiences, tips, suggestions about one place over another or a new/must visit place not listed, PLEASE let me know!
  • Southwick Zoo OR Roger Williams Park Zoo OR Lupa Zoo 
  • Boston Aquarium OR Mystic Aquarium
  • Old Sturbridge Village (to be honest I haven’t been in YEARS and am pretty sure I was about 8 the last time I went. Will 2 – 4 year olds and a 7 year old be interested??)
  • Beach suggestions? (bonus points for handicapped accessibility) 
  • Best ice cream locations – kids would love it if there were farm animals to look at and possibly pet
  • Day trip to VT (hubs cringes at this – loves VT but the idea of only 1 day doesn’t make him happy)

As the saying goes, “the tan will fade but the memories will last forever” and I want to make sure the kids end the summer with some pretty awesome memories!

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