Summertime and the Living is Easy

Our summer has been moving somewhere between the speed of a snail and a sloth. We intentionally set out to slow things down to a more relaxed and casual pace of life.  This girl is loving every easy moment of it.

For the past few summers, it has been best for us to have a nanny watch the kids. Part of this decision is financial considering it costs roughly a million dollars to send three kids to camp for the summer.  Also, I work part time, and only need about 20 hours a week of care.  These half day types of activities usually require drop off and pick up in the middle of the day.  Working, even for part of the day, entirely negates this option.  Aside from the cost savings and inability to find viable part time possibilities, having a nanny is AMAZING.

Summer time dress code is pjs to swimsuit and flip flops. No need to nudge the children to find clean clothes and get dressed.

I have been living the last five weeks without serving breakfast or making lunches. Enough said.

My commute is incredibly simplified without having to drop off or pick up. What freedom! No one in my house misses rushing out the door.

We have done day camp in the past and had wonderful experiences. However, the kids having varying degrees of interest in and tolerance of being outside in the summer sun.  All day camp, everyday would be less than desirable for my oldest and youngest.

There is a lot of “family time” for the three siblings and although there is plenty of bickering, I have seen progress in big brothers’ self-control and ability to remove themselves from a situation and take a minute. Little sister is being educated on the value of giving people space.  Life skills are being learned!

Obviously, WHO your nanny is, is more important than the stress reduction resulting from hiring one. Our nanny has been quick to build a relationship with my kids and to roll with our brand of crazy.  Even left with a less than well stocked fridge, she is flexible and creative.  She respects me and our house rules and has held the line for chores and behavior.  We are fortunate to have her as an honorary family member and hope she will come back to us next summer!

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