Summer Takeaway

We’re more than halfway through summer vacation (WHAT?!). After preparing the August white board calendar and seeing soccer practice and the first days of school I couldn’t help but worry about summer. What did we do!? Was is memorable for the kids?

My twin 3 years olds are my youngest of 5 kids. They are entering school this Fall and I find myself hyper-aware of this new season of life I’m about to enter. All of my kids will be school-aged. The diapers are gone and the years suddenly seem a lot shorter.

With this feeling of “they only have 18 summers with you…” in my mind and heart, here are ways I’ve tried to do things just a little better than I did before:

*** When they ask to play a game, I say yes. I try not to take too long finishing doing what I’m doing either. That second part needs improvement.

*** When they ask for a PJ day, definitely yes.

*** When they want to go somewhere, I try to make it happen or at least talk about what’s on deck and then have fun planning it.

*** When they want to do the toothpaste, ketchup, pour milk or make scrambled eggs, I say yes and try not to noticeably cringe.

***When they’re fighting with each other, as badly as I want to solve their problems, sometimes I just let them figure it out.

***When they are planning for Christmas and their next birthday party, I try to listen attentively and not with exasperation. 

In thinking about the first wave of summer, my main takeaway for myself is simply to stop and give them that attention. I’m trying to keep them busy and having a good summer with fun childhood memories. Now I just need to make sure I’m present with them on their adventures, little ones and big ones alike.

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