Lately my writer’s block has been so real. I have struggled to come up with ideas to write about, and have found myself staring at a blank screen for quite some time before just giving up completely. Rather than allowing myself to do this again, I decided to reach into my past for some inspiration. I went into the folder that houses my documents from college, and happened upon this gem…


Obituary for when I’m older

Nicole Marie Henry died today at the age of 92, while sleeping in her home in Hebron, CT. Nicole spent forty years teaching kindergarten, and retired at the age of 64. When Nicole was not vacationing in Australia with her family she loved to volunteer within the community. She was part of the Big Brother/ Big Sister program and also a very loving foster mother. She spent as much time as possible in Africa helping the AIDS victims, she was quite active in Habitat for Humanity, and Nicole was also very determined throughout her entire life to raise money for research on Macular Degeneration. She left behind her husband of sixty eight years, four children, and twelve grandchildren. Nicole’s wake will take place at Potter’s Funeral Home in Willimantic, and her funeral service will be held at St. Columba’s Church in Columbia. Nicole will be remembered by all as a selfless individual who loved helping others. She will be missed deeply, but she will never be forgotten because her good deeds will live on forever.


Reading through this made me feel many emotions at once. I was happy to know that I had completed many of the items that past me had mentioned in our obituary, and also a bit sad that my husband of 68 years will never come to fruition if I am due to die at 92 because I am 31 and he still has yet to find his way into my life. I had to laugh at the part about living in Hebron because I do, in fact, live in Hebron and never realized that this is where I had intended to be all along. My subconscious must have tapped into this obituary when I was house hunting.

My favorite pieces in the whole obituary were the mention of being a foster mother and of spending time in Africa. Both things have clearly been on my to-do list for a very long time, and I can happily say that I have accomplished them. I have been intending to go back to Africa and now it is very apparent that I have to make it a priority because my obituary clearly states that I spent as much time there as possible.

Life is funny, and tends to have a way of working out (for the most part), if we simply set our minds on goals and work to achieve them. Although I cannot force someone to fall in love with me I can make big decisions, like becoming a teacher/foster parent/volunteer, and not stop until I have done what I have set out to do. Of all of the emotions I felt while reading my obituary I think pride is what I felt the most. I enjoy knowing that college me would be impressed with the fact that adult me is living almost all of our dreams.

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