Changing Seasons

Connecticut has had a moody start to Fall…she can’t quite let go of summer. I LOVED the summer months with a house full of kids, playing outside after dinner, wet bathing suits and enough outings to keep things interesting.

But now we’re geared up for school, so why oh why can’t the weather follow suit?!

I may not be the cause for this slow and reluctant change of seasons, but I realized that I am experiencing it in my own life as a Mother.

This school year marks the first time that ALL of my five children are entering school. I have a third grader, second grader, kindergartener and my twin preschoolers. Just as I am ready to put away the bathing suits and sandy floors for the season, I am ready to put away baby things and even toddler gear. After all, my youngest are preschoolers now.

The pictures on Facebook prove that I did it. We had our first two weeks with great success. The kids are happily in school and adjusting as well as I could hope with full school days. The change of season in my life is happening…I’m done with diapers, binkys, naps and cribs. I was in that season for so many years, so it’s hard to believe I’m leaving it. Those years were so squishy and sweet – although exhausting. Everyone was home and we had one cohesive world in this house.

Now they are out the door. My oldest is even DONE with elementary school…my youngest in preschool. They are ready to grow and thrive. Seeing it happen makes me immensely proud and happy. But alas, my heart was still heavy this last week or two. I do not want to stay in baby-world ONE more day, but I’m really feeling this transition of seasons.

Perhaps it just pure disbelief that I’m at this point. But it is a true end to an era of my parenthood. The daily challenges now are so different. I’m excited for it and ready, but I’ll admit that I am feeling the end of a season much heavier than I thought I would. I feel like it’s a goodbye to what I know, who I am as a parent.

Wish me luck as the new adventures roll in. Hopefully as Fall settles in the coming weeks so will my mindset. I’m excited to enjoy the big-kid adventures ahead. Although I could do without the school outfit drama of this morning….We’ll get there. God speed to all of us mamas!

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