Kids Are Kind

It is hard to believe that our littlest, Livy, is almost 1 years old! It seems like just yesterday I was writing about expecting her and finding out she was going to be born with symbrachydactyly (which is a fancy word for missing some of her fingers on her left hand). As she has grown this past year, we have had some interactions and questions from kids at her daycare or kids of people we have known. However; we haven’t had a stranger ask questions about her hand thus far but I had been using the Lucky Fin Project site and reading up on how other families have gracefully handled interactions and questions.

That is, until last month.

Recently we brought Livy to her first Berlin Fair which is my hometown fair. We waded through the midway and there was the cutest girl dancing in a popcorn costume helping her brother sell popcorn for his Boy Scout troop. Naturally, Livy and I had to buy some. The kids were so enthralled with Livy and asked politely if they could tickle her feet. Of course! As the little girl and her brother talked about her cute toes, they found their way to her hands. The little girl noticed Livy’s left hand first and asked questions like, “when will her fingers grow?”, “what happened?”, etc. I told them that they won’t grow in but that she can pull hair and grass with that hand. The brother mentioned a prosthesis and I mentioned 3-d printing. “Yeah,” he said thoughtfully. “I bet she won’t even need it.”

This was my first interaction with people who don’t know us and it went so well! Kids are awesome. I gave a nod to their mom from across the way and I hope she telepathically read my thoughts. She has raised her kids to be respectful, inquisitive and thoughtful little humans and I am so grateful our paths crossed that day.

2 thoughts on “Kids Are Kind

  1. Love this Brandi. I really think most people are kind. There will always be those who aren’t, but that’s a reflection of them, not you or Livvy ❤


    1. Thank you. Hurt people, hurt people and that is something I’m coming to realize more. But we have fortunately seen more kind hearted people than the opposite.


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