The One Mom-Hack That Just May Save Your Sanity This Holiday Season


I know, I know. That’s a pretty bold statement, but I swear, this one thing has saved me so much stress and headaches, that I just have to share it with you.


For the past few years, I have been taking one day during the week when the kids are at school (I save a vacation day for this; trust me, it’s worth it), get all the presents I got for the kids, put them in the middle of my living room floor and take them apart.


I take every little toy out of the stupid packaging, assemble everything that needs to be assembled, put batteries in anything that needs batteries, and charge anything that needs to be charged.


This way, on Christmas morning, instead of looking for one of those dumb little screw drivers to open a battery compartment, or searching frantically for D batteries (because you thought you had some but they were actually C batteries), or swearing over ridiculous instructions, your kids can start playing with their new toys without the added stress.


It also cuts down on the amount of cardboard and plastic wrapping that morning, since it’s already out in the recycling bin.


So, make a pot of coffee, find a good holiday station on Pandora, light some winter scented candles, and get to it. You will be glad you did on Christmas morning!


Here’s what to do after you’ve taken everything out:


  1. Get the right amount and right size batteries for everything
  2. Read all instructions
  3. Put together toys that require assembly
  4. Wrap and label everything
  5. Keep stocking presents separate
  6. Hide them in a good spot
  7. Relax!



5 thoughts on “The One Mom-Hack That Just May Save Your Sanity This Holiday Season

  1. Great idea! This year I scheduled every Monday off between thanksgiving to Christmas so that I’m not my usual frantic self leading up to the holidays. My plans include finishing shopping, wrapping (definitely using your hack!) and also baking cookies for the various social events we have in December. I’m confident I will feel more relaxed and actually enjoy the most wonderful time of the year!


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