Things I Can Do At The Same Time

Be a cookie baking, book reading, lullaby singing, attachment mommy AND down a beer while letting the curse words fly.

Hold my children to high standards AND be tender.

Excel in a demanding career that requires many hours in the office AND maintain close relationships with my children.

Deeply love being a mom AND acknowledge that parts of it suck.

Be highly engaged, play chase at the park, have deep philosophical conversations with developing minds AND need a moment to scroll my insta feed or reply to a text in front of my kids.

Have my shit together AND still need to lean on others for help.

Rightfully name my wife and children as my favorites AND need time with friends to feed my soul.

Have a passion for social justice, politics, and using my voice to better our community AND recognize when I need to retreat back into my small corner of the world for a time.

Be a strong, independent woman AND cry.

Support my kids in their activities AND take time away to pursue my own passions.

Know in the depths of my heart that I’m a good mama AND doubt it all sometimes.

Have strong opinions about parenting my kids AND support parents who are making different choices for theirs.

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