Why Every Day Could Be a Resolution

This week on my personal social media accounts, I published a post regarding New Year Resolutions and how I personally do not believe in them. Many people believe in them, and want this to be the time they make a change in their lives. And there are many people who succeed with them.

Now that I think about it,  I used the wrong choice of words for how New Year Resolutions make me feel. I just do not subscribe to them. It is not because I am negative, or do not think there are valuable changes that could be made in my life. Oh yes, yes I know there are! I simply believe that improving myself, or setting goals, is far more realistic when I am the motivating factor, not a new year.

With all the celebrating of New Years Eve coming to an end (I stayed in and was asleep by 10:30pm, HA), I received several messages about what my personal resolutions were for the upcoming year. My response: “Nothing.”

My interpretation of what a New Year’s Resolution is, is that somehow because choices made in 2018 perhaps were not the best, or did not yield the outcome one was hoping for, that 2019 must be better. Because we have always wanted to, (insert goal/hope/aspiration/resolution) that January 1 feels like a good time to start. New year, fresh start. We tell ourselves that this will be our year to make changes. But, why can’t we start today? I know it is January 4 and not some other random time in the year, but I hope you get my point 🙂

I think that the ‘New Year’ provides a false sense of accountability. At the end of the day, we are the one’s responsible for the outcome. ⁣To make changes in our lives requires (in my opinion) an ability to deeply reflect about what we want to do differently or better, a committed motivation to do so, and the want to truly put ourselves first. I honestly think that this should be done 365 days in the year, and that changes can only truly happen when there is a real intrinsic motivation do so.

I work with women every day in my online fitness community that have decided to make themselves a priority. They have decided that their health is important and that just because they are a mama, a full-time worker, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a ‘whatever’ their various roles are, that they truly believe they are worthy, and that they are ready to implement changes in their bodies and in their lives that they have been dreaming of doing. Myself included. It really is a beautiful process to be part of.

I think the main message that I want to express is that we can all do better. We can all make changes to benefit ourselves, and those around us. And, each and every one of us is important. Our goals, our dreams, our visions-they should always be a priority. Just because we are a mom, for instance, should not mean that we do not have time to put ourselves first. I know that I am ever-changing, and so are my wants, desires and goals, and I am not going to let the New Year hold me accountable, I am going to hold myself accountable.new years resolution



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