Healing a Lost Friendship

A year ago this month I wrote a post that I had been thinking about writing for a long time titled When Friendship Ends. I wrote about how there are so many songs written about breaking up with a romantic partner, but where are the ballads, and poems, and comforting books when a friendship ends?

And I did have a friendship end. It ended without notice, seemingly without cause, and I was left heartbroken and confused as to why this person didn’t want to be in my life anymore. While the pain subsided over time, small things would remind me of her, like the time we went on a run and my socks were hurting my feet so badly that we stopped and swapped our socks, already sweaty, and continued about our 20 miler.

When those memories crept in I felt that familiar pang of loss once again.

But something unexpected happened a few months ago. This friend reached out to me, I think because she happened to see my original post, and she wanted to reconnect. Now I could have been bitter and angry that she left me a few years ago while remaining friends with my ex-husband but that’s not who I am and not how I want to live. So I truly forgave her immediately.

Now we text each other to check in, send emoji’s back and forth, and she sends me encouraging messages exactly when I need them. And I feel healed. I really, truly, feel healed. We haven’t even gotten into the why part of our breakup, and at this point I don’t even care.

This website has helped me through so many difficult periods of my life, it has surprised me with such joy, and now it has reconnected me with a long-time friend who means a lot to me. I am just so grateful.


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