The Hardest Post I’ve Ever Written: CT Working Moms is Coming to an End

After months of discussion about how we can keep this site going into the future, the management team has finally come to the realization that CT Working Moms has run its course. Between our kids getting older and it being harder to write about them for privacy reasons, to changing and evolving commitments and interests, to just a general lack of time to nurture the site in the way it deserves, CT Working Moms will stop having new content as of January 1, 2020.

The past 8.5 years has included over 3 million website hits, 27,000 comments, over 5,200 blog post, and a social media following of almost 25,000 between all our networks. But most importantly this website has meant community, for our readers, our writers, and for me.

I started this site when I was on maternity leave with my daughter as a way to bring moms together to share their authentic stories. I had no idea what an incredible adventure awaited me.

There have been hard times but there have been so many good times. Friendships born. Deep truths shared. Connections made. Celebrities hugged (looking at you Channing Tatum). Appearances on The TODAY Show, Good Morning America, and even The View.

On a personal level this community held me through postpartum anxiety, birth trauma, divorce, coping with anxiety, and so much more.

I am a better person today because of this website and the people who have contributed to it.

I owe incredible gratitude to the dozens and dozens of people who have written for the site. I am constantly in awe of how much they have challenged themselves to share their truths. Their posts have made me cry, smile, laugh, and nod my head in agreement. I thank each and every one of them for sharing themselves with our community.

It’s hard to say goodbye to something that has meant so much in my life. But we also have to give ourselves room to grow. Over the past few years I’ve been busy with community organizing through my group Colchester is Kind, and now have started another group called Old Lyme is Kind. My kindness practice is what’s calling me, and that’s meant that I haven’t had time to be as fully present here as I use to be. And I’m finally starting to let myself be OK with the fact that the whispers of my soul are guiding me elsewhere.

The site will remain up so you can still access all the content. If you’d like to stay in touch with me I did start my own blog but haven’t written anything yet. You can head over there and hit the “follow” button so you’ll get notified of new posts when they go up. If you live in the area of either of my kindness groups you’re welcome to join me there as well. Lastly, you can find me on Twitter @MichelleNoehren.

My heart is heavy with this decision, but I am so proud of all we’ve accomplished. ♥

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