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I joined the CT Working Moms writing team a few years ago. Even though I was later to the party than most of the other writers, the impact writing for this amazing blog had on me has been tremendous. Joining a community of working moms trying to do their best each and every day has been affirming, even if we end up faltering some days. Maybe that has been the best part. The pressure to be perfect was lifted and it was okay to be honest about the struggles. How relieving. When friends asked how I found the time to write while I balanced work and family, my answer was always the same. Writing is cathartic. It’s my reprieve from the daily mundane. Pausing each month has helped me keep a record of the precious time I share with my children. It is a win on every front.

So when I heard CT Working Moms is coming to an end, it was hard not to feel sad. I will always be grateful to the CT Working Moms community for embracing me and giving me a chance to share my stories. Rather than wallow in sadness, I decided to start up a new online community of moms called We have a diverse group of mom writers eager to share their stories with you. All of us have some connection to Connecticut; some currently live here and some grew up here and moved to other states. Some of us grew up in Newtown. Some of us are teachers. Some of us are married, some are single, some are divorced, and some are remarried. Some of us work full time, others part-time, and others are stay at home moms. What do we have in common? All of us try our hardest to be the best moms we can, even though we know some days are much more difficult than others. We hope you will join our inclusive, non-judgmental community of moms at so we can learn and grow together! 

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank CT Working Moms for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful, wonderful journey!     

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