Chin Up

Life, lately, has not been easy. I’ve been moving slowly through a period of time that has been filled with a lot of loss and a lot of change. I keep waiting for life to feel normal again, to feel easy again. I want to find what I lost. I want the changes to be undone. I’m starting to understand, however, that my idea of “normal” is now going to be different. And it’s this new normal that is making me…well…sad.

I’m working very hard to keep this sadness at bay. Most days I’m not as happy as I could be but not as sad as I could be either. I’m moving forward, making adjustments, and trying to keep up with all of these changes. I’m trying not to miss what I’ve lost. Some days, however, all I can do is breathe, power through my day, and keep my chin up.

When my chin is up I notice the faces of those walking by. I smile to be polite and am reminded of how good it feels to smile.

When my chin is up my airway is open. I can breathe in deeply, inhaling fresh air that both settles my nerves and energizes my soul.

When my chin is up I see the sun. I soak in its warmth on my face, feeling thankful for the light, especially on my darker of days.

When my chin is up I notice the world around me. I see the beautiful fall leaves, exploding with color reminding me that even during times of change there is beauty to be found. At night I notice the stars winking at me from the vast beyond of space and I let my life’s problems feel small in comparison.

When my chin is up I subconsciously also straighten my spine. I take up more space as I stand taller and prouder. I remember my worth. I remember my strength.

When my chin is up I know I’m going to figure this out. I have hope for the future. I have faith in myself.

Life, lately, has been hard. So I’m keeping my chin up.

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