Tiny Glasses Helped Heal My Heart

Picture this- it’s Christmas day and I am 8 years old (give or take a year). I open a present anxiously anticipating what it might be. The wrapping paper comes off and I am overjoyed to find my very own American Girl doll! This was the IT toy. After all, you couldn’t attend an American Girl teatime without your very own American Girl doll. Now, I feel like it is very worth mentioning that my parents understood the assignment. They got me the doll that I wanted the most- Molly. She came with an enchanting argyle sweater, the most perfect beret, and the best accessory of all-a tiny pair of glasses.

As kids do, I spent a lot of time playing with my very favorite doll. In all honesty, I wasn’t even really a doll person, but Molly was something special. I got dress-up clothes for her, Felicity joined our family, and as all gal pals do, the three of us spent a lot of time together playing dress up. On one faithful day an absolute travesty occurred. Molly’s glasses broke. Her perfect tiny round glasses were perfect no more. Now, this was not in the time of the internet when you could just order a new pair of glasses. No. This meant that Molly would have to live out the rest of her doll life without being able to properly see. My little empathetic heart broke for her.

Fast forward until this past Friday. It’s April Vacation and I am living my very best life by taking a trip to NYC. My girlfriend decided that she needed to relive her childhood and go to the American Girl store. I, of course, made fun of her and told her that she was ridiculous, but tagged along anyway. My Molly loving heart had long since been jaded by the world and probably shrunk more than I care to admit. We walked around checking everything out and I must say that the store was surprisingly enchanting. The accessories and outfits that are available are insane and the diversity amongst the dolls was beautiful to see.

We made our way downstairs and over against the side wall I spotted my girl on full display. Molly looked as good as she had 20 plus years ago and my heart started to remember how I had felt all of those years back. I anxiously looked around below the display at the accessories. They had to have a pair of glasses for sale, right?! Right?! WRONG! Now that I am older, and trauma has helped me to better know how to suppress my sadness, I continued through the store until we decided it was time to leave.

As we were just about to walk out of the door I noticed a store employee. Just for shits and gigs I asked him if they did in fact sell the glasses and I had just not seen them. He told me that they did not but asked us to wait where we were. We waited for a bit, and I had resigned to the fact that he had probably forgotten about us, but just them something MAGICAL happened. He reappeared, and in his hands were a tiny round pair of glasses. I squealed (loudly) and asked him if I could hug him. Anyone who knows me will tell you that these are not things that I typically do. My Grinch heart grew three sizes in that moment. We walked out of the store and I called my mom to tell her the best news. She responded with, “that’s good, now she’s worth more.” Does she really think I would sell my absolute treasure of a doll?! As if, mother. As, if.

We rolled in around 2:45 am and I went into the guest room where Molly and Felicity are proudly displayed. I placed those tiny round glasses on her perfect little face and for the first time in over 20 years she could finally see again.

2 thoughts on “Tiny Glasses Helped Heal My Heart

  1. LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!! You’re mom’s response was…well, a perfect mom response, LOL!!! Thanks for the smile and the tears in my eyes!!


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