About: Created in 2011 by Michelle Noehren and now co-managed by Noehren, Sara Orris, Elise Schrier and Jessica Hendrickson, CT Working Moms (CTWM) is an award-winning, online community for moms in Connecticut. CTWM’s aims to be a place of compassion and support for all moms because the world needs more love and less judgment. In 2012 CTWM’s received the “Best Parent Blog” Webster Award by the Hartford Courant and has consistently been selected as a top social media account by the Best of Hartford awards.

CTWorkingMoms has been seen on a wide variety of media outlets including Good Morning America, the TODAY Show, the VIEW, NBC CT, FOX CT and more.


You might have noticed the beautiful lotus flower used in our logo. Why a lotus flower? Lotus flowers grow out of muddy, murky water and blossom into something absolutely beautiful, representing perseverance and strength. Motherhood is a lot like that, don’t you think? It can be really hard and difficult at times but it’s a really beautiful challenge. CTWM’s founder Michelle even has a lotus flower tattoo on her wrist!

Contact: To contact CTWM’s email hello@ctworkingmoms.com