Author: annquasarano

Another School Year, Another Redshirting Discussion

Every few years the topic of redshirting arises at the State level. Legislators are currently debating the possibility of requiring children to start Kindergarten in line with the current December 31, cut off date, and not allowing the parent to choose to hold the child back until they decide he or she is ready –

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Tips for Sending Your Kid to Sleepaway Camp

It usually begins around Memorial Day.  My Facebook feed starts filling up with articles touting the benefits of a ’70’s-style “free-range” summer for kids.  Remember those? Out from dawn to dusk, pick-up sports games and hide and seek in the dark, riding in the “way-back” of the station wagon-without seat belts. Good times, for sure!

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Who Took My Sweet Boy and Replaced Him With A Teenager?

Well, it’s happened. My formerly sweet, loving child has turned into a teen. Officially, he’s about 6 months from becoming a “TEEN” but, he’s all there in attitude: eye-rolling – check texting – check prefers friends to family – check complains about _(everything)_ – check back-talk – check grunting-as-communication – check embarrassed of parents –

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