I see the signs of summer’s end creeping into our daily routine. My daughter’s summer activities have tapered from a flood to a trickle as each one ends. I laugh at myself now, fearing at the beginning of summer that I was over scheduling my five year old; now I’m fretting about how to keep… Read More Change


Long days short years (more than a) Few tears Keep them close But at arms length Weak in the knees Or beg for strength Tight squeezes Pushing back Extreme connection (then the lack) Doing your best Doubting all Full heart Trust fall We carry them for a time But they’re within us for good The… Read More Mothering

Baby face

It’s late, but my daughter isn’t feeling well and is having trouble sleeping. She’s got me pulled in close, playing with my ear as she always had, and I’m simultaneously basking in the snuggle and trying to avoid her germy breathing. Up close like this, I can still see in her face the little baby… Read More Baby face

Two times parenting has made me question my feminism (and why my feminism is stronger because of it)

My first degree was in sociology and women’s studies. I chose it because I loved it. I liked that my classes pushed me to think out of my comfort zone and consider possibilities I didn’t know existed. I didn’t understand what feminism was before college, and it was there that it increasingly became a pivotal… Read More Two times parenting has made me question my feminism (and why my feminism is stronger because of it)

Stop and stare

Have you ever stopped to look at your kid? Like, really stop and stare? I used to get away with this a lot when she was little – those long hours breastfeeding were perfect for studying her long eyelashes, the nose that resembles mine, the roundness of her cheeks, the thinness of her nails; feel… Read More Stop and stare

Mantra 2.0

Things have been a bit, well, tense around our house lately. Seemingly out of the blue my daughter’s behavior has been explosive – unpredictable and unprompted. She’ll lash out verbally and physically, launching us into a power struggle of me trying to put an end to the behavior while she does her best to show… Read More Mantra 2.0