I am proud to announce that I just completed my Ph.D. in self-care.  Well, sort of. I went to “class” every week. There was homework and sometimes reading and oh-so-much discussion. You can’t quite call me Doctor, but I am a recent graduate – from nearly seven years in psychotherapy. At the beginning of my… Read More Commencement

Tapping back in

Hey there, remember me?  I used to write for this blog?  The last post I worked on but never managed to finish was titled, “How do I do it? I don’t.”  It was going to be about the fact that people always look at me – sweaty, scattered, overwhelmed – and sympathetically declare, “I don’t… Read More Tapping back in

Hair Chronicles

I was born in the early 80’s, which was a very unfortunate time to be a person with flat hair.  I wanted a perm SO BAD, and my parents’ refusal to get me one was probably one of their best parenting decisions ever.  So I went through tons of hair spray, slept regularly in foam… Read More Hair Chronicles