Author: fsdejmc

Christmas with my Children: Madness vs. Magic

I’m one of those people who secretly doesn’t mind when stores start decorating for Christmas right after Halloween. I LOVE Christmas. The reasons are rooted in my childhood, my Faith and are now bursting at the seams with my husband and five children. We start celebrating the day after Thanksgiving when the tree and decorations go

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Being Present this Thanksgiving

Sometimes I am outright alarmed at how quickly a week passes and a new month begins. I try to appreciate the days, special occasions and activities that keep us so busy, but that doesn’t make them move any slower. This last year or two I have been transitioning in “seasons of life” – for my

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‘How Do You Do It?’

I’m new to the CTWM community. Even though I may only know two of you outside of the digital world, I find myself relating to you, understanding you and feeling for you in a completely real way. Motherhood is its own accomplishment, it’s a well-deserved badge of honor. A Working Mother, however, takes it to

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