Who Makes the Rules?

Families are complicated.  There are power structures in place that we can see, but often the real bases of power are disguised.  Sometimes the weakest-appearing person is really the one in charge.  I have long been interested in the effects within a family when one member has an impairment.  I knew several people who had… Read More Who Makes the Rules?

Who Are You?

I never knew my maternal grandparents.  They died before I was born.  My paternal grandparents were around for a long time, but they weren’t the type to tell stories about their lives.   I was curious but they weren’t forthcoming. I tried to get my dad to talk about his growing up years, but he was… Read More Who Are You?

The Parental Stew

As parents, we hope (and also fear) that we are the predominant influence in our children’s lives.  But there are many more players in the game of child-rearing.  I have been thinking back on all the people in my life who contributed and compensated for that which my parents could not give me. I was… Read More The Parental Stew

Why Do Moms Work?

The fabulous women of CT Working Moms have a private Facebook page where we all vent and complain and rejoice and celebrate, sharing the good and the bad.  Lately we’ve been ruminating about our work lives.  Is it worth it?  Why do we come home and have to do all that housework?  Why do we… Read More Why Do Moms Work?

Embraceable ME

I am having a great deal of trouble embracing my chronological age.  Recently I started taking Chair Yoga – not because I’m old, of course, but because I have bad knees.  I looked around the class and thought, “Wow, I am the baby of this group.   These women are all elderly, with white hair.”  When… Read More Embraceable ME

How To Be

There is something I think about daily, as an advocate for the poor, as a mother and now as a grandmother.  Who teaches us “how to be”?  And how does that happen? When I was raising my sons, I had to teach them how to drink through a straw, how to blow their noses, how to… Read More How To Be