I have very vivid dreams.  Often my husband will tell me I was yelling or crying in my sleep. Sometimes I punch him, the poor man.  I frequently dream about work, to the point where I wake up exhausted, feeling as if I worked all night.  I have had to argue cases not in a… Read More Dreams

My Friend Died

My friend died last week.  He was diagnosed with lung cancer 3.5 years ago, but underwent several courses of experimental treatment and was doing remarkably well for a long time.  Then he wasn’t. I met my friend 23 years ago, when I started my job at one of Connecticut’s legal aid organizations.  I was so… Read More My Friend Died


I recently had coffee with my younger brother.  Naturally the conversation turned to our parents and the way they raised us.  My brother does not believe that one’s childhood affects one for the rest of one’s life.  “How is it possible that 11 or 12 years – the years between 4 and 16 – shape… Read More Balancing

2014 — What a Year!

What a year!  Lots of blessings – extraordinary blessings.  My second son got married in September, to his long-time girlfriend, a woman we all love and admire.  My nephew got married in December, to his long-time girlfriend, also a woman we all love and admire.  Another nephew got engaged to HIS long-time girlfriend, another fabulous woman… Read More 2014 — What a Year!


When I first moved to Hamden, 38 years ago, there were lots of little locally-owned stores.  We had Cobb’s, a stationery store that sold pens, art supplies and greeting cards.  I could get lost in there for hours.  There was Richard Thomas, also in the Hamden Plaza, my go-to dress store.  I still have some… Read More Ch-ch-changes

Crying Time

Last week, I was preparing for an SSI hearing for a child client.  I thought he was attending Head Start, as he is only 4 years old, but I found out at my pre-hearing meeting with his mom on Wednesday that he is actually in public school kindergarten.  AAAHHH!!  I quickly sent off a request… Read More Crying Time