I’m a frequent faller.  I have fallen on my knees about a million times.  I’m a klutz, nothing more.  My mother used to say, “You could even trip over the flowers in the carpet.”   In my adult life, I have had an MRI of my brain so I know nothing medical is causing this problem,… Read More Ouch

Randi’s Life Hacks

We used to call these “Hints from Heloise.”  Anyone remember Heloise?  Oh well.  Now they are called “life hacks” – ways to make life simpler and solve pesky problems. 1. My mother cleaned everything with vinegar.  She had a number of glass-topped tables, and often the house smelled like a salad.  But it works.  One… Read More Randi’s Life Hacks


When you’re a busy mom (or dad), it’s hard to find time for yourself.  You’re grateful to be able to take a shower without interruption!  But hobbies are more than ways to fill the precious rare seconds of free time – they define us.  If your kid knows you love to weave or sky dive… Read More Hobbies

Musical Prozac

We all have our “moments of doubt and pain.”  I have found that music can lift my spirits like nothing else — enough to make it through the day, and sometimes the week, until the crisis passes or higher authorities are summoned. Even if you feel as though “no pill’s gonna cure my ill,” I’m… Read More Musical Prozac

Dear Husband

First let me say that I love my husband and feel very lucky to have him in my life.  We met in 2005, and got married in 2007.  We had both been in difficult marriages earlier, and I certainly wasn’t planning to ever get married again, because I felt that was only for the child-bearing… Read More Dear Husband