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What being a Baseball Mom taught me about being a better Everyday Mom

These are those lessons that maybe learned on a field when you’re 10 will give you a little something for the heartbreaks at 20 and 30 and beyond. And for me, this is my time to let him go out into the world (even if that world is just the size of a baseball field) and let him just be his independent self, learning his own lessons, taking his own lumps and rebounding by himself. But I still will be staying close enough to still be his mommy when he needs me.

Family Pride

Our community is very diverse and accepting, but we are fully aware of the reality that our boys (and us) still have and will encounter in our/their lives. We are hyper aware of how our boys see every person, trying to instill that their views of every person should be as a fellow human being. And we also making sure they have the courage to stand up for themselves and others, to question and to make every effort to understand everything that is different from what they know.

Where I am

Within the past few weeks, I had three key moments of self-exploration or self-doubt that made me think about where I have been, where I thought I was heading, where I am now and, finally, where I want to be. As a parent, I want to know how I can convey my expectations and disappointments to

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