Author: jilchrest

Quality, Not Quantity.

My parenting philosophy is quality over quantity, but sometimes the missed dinners, couch cuddles, and bed time stories add up and I get home sick for my kids. So, when my 6 year old daughter tip toed into my bedroom the morning after a late night out for work it was exactly the thing I needed.

It Worked!

A couple of months ago, I decided to have a conversation with my son about “the internet.” I didn’t want to make it too intense, but he’s seven–almost eight, and he has his own tablet. He also goes to play dates at friend’s houses. So, as much as I want to have complete parental control over all

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Mam. Who, Me?

It happened, and it keeps happening, even when I’m not with the kids. A seemingly harmless, three letter word, “mam.” But when spoken, and to me, “mam” feels like nails on a chalk board. Really, “mam,” how old do you think I am?! “Mam” immediately acknowledges that I am older than the person addressing me, old

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