Author: jilchrest


As a UCONN alum, I love going to football games and basketball games.  As a mother, I’m realistic.  When Don was just a baby, going to games was still an option because he couldn’t move and slept for most of the time.  But from 1-2 years, it was nearly impossible, so we just stopped trying. 

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Penn State

My husband was the first to break the news to me that Penn State former defensive coach, Sandusky, was being indited on eight counts of sexual abuse of young boys.  Since first hearing, I have read more about the gruesome allegations and that the very children that Sandusky publicly purported to be “helping” he was abusing. 

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Dentist Anxiety

My son turned 2 four months ago.  I knew that this day was coming…time for his first dentist appointment. I have extreme anxiety and am avoiding making the appointment.  I have been reading a book with Don about this animal character who goes to the dentist, hoping that I can connect his experience to the

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