Author: jilchrest


About a year and a half ago, I had some down time at work and found myself in conversation with a colleague about our sons, roughly around the same age. Both boys were playing t-ball and she was coaching her son’s team. She was explaining how challenging it was to be the only mom volunteering

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Caught Up in Me

About a month ago, the job I loved was taken away. In case you haven’t heard, the state budget isn’t looking so hot and in an effort to “streamline” government, my agency was consolidated with two others. The result being that a 43 year old feminist agency was eliminated and my professional future unclear. And,

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Camp Form Hell

I absolutely hate filling out forms for my children, especially when they’re redundant. And, as any parent who has put their child into camp, or has registered their child for kindergarten, or enrolled their child in before/after care knows, you get a million and one forms, all slightly different, but many asking for the exact

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