Author: Jenna


A few days after my mom passed away, I got a call from Dr. K, the palliative care doctor we had met with just a few weeks back.  As my mother was getting sicker, I had left her a message a bit desperately, confused and grasping for information. I had left the message on a

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Part three

When family and friends learned that my mother passed, people reached out full of concern and love.  I think the idea of losing a parent hits everyone deep.  Whether they are remembering their own loss, or imagining how difficult it will be when it happens to them, losing a parent, at any age, is heartbreaking.  You

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Be the Gift

Highs and lows, right? 2018 was chock full of them.  The highs were inspiring, impressive and left me beaming with pride, particularly watching those kids challenging themselves way beyond their comfort zones, again and again. But those lows.  They knocked the wind right out of me, sent me spiraling and spinning.  I have found that

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