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This is 45

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Today, I officially become the age where I now round up to half a century.  How crazy is that? It sounds so old. I don’t feel old. I still feel so clueless, so much of the time. Yet here I am, muddling through. The physical signs are wild enough. I am starting to get a few

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Clean-Ish Living

A Healthy Outside Starts from the Inside.

Early this year, my gym a six-week nutrition challenge. It did not adopt one of the trending diet programs.  No Keto-intermittent fasting-Paleo-Low Carb program to follow. Instead, its goal was to eat mainly real food and avoid processed foods, junk food and sugar. It stressed the importance of meal prepping, as we all know how

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A few days after my mom passed away, I got a call from Dr. K, the palliative care doctor we had met with just a few weeks back.  As my mother was getting sicker, I had left her a message a bit desperately, confused and grasping for information. I had left the message on a

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Part three

When family and friends learned that my mother passed, people reached out full of concern and love.  I think the idea of losing a parent hits everyone deep.  Whether they are remembering their own loss, or imagining how difficult it will be when it happens to them, losing a parent, at any age, is heartbreaking.  You

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