Author: Jenna

Be the Gift

Highs and lows, right? 2018 was chock full of them.  The highs were inspiring, impressive and left me beaming with pride, particularly watching those kids challenging themselves way beyond their comfort zones, again and again. But those lows.  They knocked the wind right out of me, sent me spiraling and spinning.  I have found that

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Another 10 Years

Last year, I wrote about 10 years of marriage and 10 years of decline.  Recently, we hit another 10 year milestone:  10 years of being a mom. We talked about it as he was getting ready for bed.  I explained that he was taking his sweet time coming out.  Nine days past his due date,

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Garbage Soup

For a long time, I had been eyeing this recipe.  It spoke to me.  Basically, it describes a method for making vegetable broth out of the parts of vegetables which you would ordinarily throw out.  Stash all the discards in a bag in the freezer, and, once it is full, turn it into broth, like magic.


People will ask me if she knows who I am. The truth is, I don’t know. I do not ask, because, what is the point? I do not believe that she knows that I am her daughter. But regardless of who she thinks I am, she is always happy to see me. It fills me up, to know that just my presence can make her smile.