Author: Jenna

Moments of Clarity

Just over two years ago, my older brother took a redeye from California to Connecticut with my mother, ostensibly for a “visit” with her daughter and grandchildren.  My younger brother drove up from New York the night before and the two of us picked them up from the airport.  Without even stopping for breakfast, we

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Later this month, my son turns 8 years old.  The world is his for the taking.  He tells me that he does not plan to get a job when he is a grown up as he is going to be a professional baseball player, who gets to play instead of work.  He is constantly laughing,

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Filling the Silence

There is not a lot of calm in my life. Someone is always talking, whining, singing, bickering, interrupting, playing, reading, crying, complaining, yelling, laughing.  I live a blessed but noisy life.  In a way, I think it propels us forward, some sort of soundtrack to our daily routine. This past Thanksgiving, I picked up my

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