Things Change

Tomorrow is the last day of school for both my daughter and my husband. It’s mostly a joyous time of the year for all of us. Mostly. So many things are going to be changing that I see a storm building on the horizon. Kids and change are like cats and baths: They get through it,… Read More Things Change

The Greater Good

For the past few (or…five) winters, my husband and I have talked about making the improvements to our house in order to put it on the market. We have a considerable amount of projects to start before we can even think about breaking even on this deal. (Yay economy!) The sheer thought of where to… Read More The Greater Good

Fairy Godmothers

I sat in the darkened theater, watching “Cinderella” this weekend. It was the scene-no spoilers here, we all know the story-where Cinderella’s cruel stepfamily had left her behind, in torn rags, face streaked with tears. Then along comes her Fairy Godmother and everything changes. I saw tears dry with the swoosh of a magic wand… Read More Fairy Godmothers