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Libraries Are Heaven on Earth and We Are Not Worthy

I have a mild severe obsession with libraries. I know you know libraries exist, but I want to make sure every mom out there knows about these eleven things that make them so amazing for anyone bringing up a child of any age.   1. Free toys I used to think of books when I

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Triangle in Danger

“We’re a triangle family!” my son proclaimed proudly to his therapist. “A what?” “A triangle—me, mom and dad.” “Oh, I see.” “What shape is your family, Dr. Peg?” “I guess you could say we’re a line. It’s just me and my mom.” My husband—tall, strong and stubborn, yet chill—had just been diagnosed with cancer. We

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A (Second Half of a) Day In the Life of A Working Mother: Molly

You’ve already heard the first half of last week’s Thursday. My mom comes to help me once a week (sometimes more lately) and this is one of those days. When she’s not here I am taking care of the baby myself while occasionally fitting in work during naps and feedings. My parents were able to

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