Author: mommiesq

My Little Fashionista

I was expecting that one day my daughter would have her own ideas about fashion but I was not expecting that it would happen before she turns 3!  Does anyone else have a toddler fashionista living under their roof?  What an adventure this is!  Work/school mornings are particularly difficult because my daughter only wants to

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Happy New Year

I was considering writing a post about my New Years’ resolutions for 2012 but that would be pretty boring since I basically have the same resolutions that I have every year and I wouldn’t be surprised if they are quite common to the general mom population.  I will be more organized.  I will eat better. 

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Running Wild

  I just got home from a large family-reunion type party to celebrate my grandmother’s 85th birthday.  While family gatherings are always fun, I find them completely exhausting, especially now that my youngest has turned one and I basically have two toddlers to manage (or “little cavemen” as my husband likes to call them). Sunday spaghetti dinners at

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