We Are Young

Nobody needs to tell anybody that being a parent is a BIG responsibility.  It’s the biggest responsibility when you think about it.  Sure, your career is important but if you mess up at work and get fired, you can always get a new job.  If you forget to pay a bill, you might incur a… Read More We Are Young


Nicknames have always been kind of a big thing for me.  My mom is known as “Bigs” and when I say that, I mean that most of my family, friends and even my dad do not use her first name.  They just call her Bigs.   The funny thing is she’s not big at all.  My… Read More Nicknames

Mom, PA

It was just another Monday morning for me, same old, same old.  Our household AM routine went about as smoothly as it ever does and I actually realized that my son’s lunchbox was still in the fridge before pulling out of the driveway (Score!).  I arrived at work earlier than usual (but still late) and… Read More Mom, PA

Playground Dangers

With Memorial Day weekend now behind us, summer has unofficially started.  Warmer temperatures mean that most kids will be spending more time outside playing and it logically follows that there will be more trips to the playground… but before you head out for your next trip to your favorite local park, there are a few… Read More Playground Dangers