Author: Sasha Russell

Not Everyone is Going to Like You

My nearly 5 years of being a mom has definitely been filled with its ups and downs. While I am thankful that I’ve experienced more ups, the downs tend to linger longer. Generally, the downs are all the normal stresses of parenthood – sleepless nights, potty accidents, and attitudes that give just a mere glimpse

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I’m a Work in Progress and That’s OK.

This time last year I shared with you the Positivity Challenge. It’s something that has truly changed my outlook on my life and my relationships. Trying to remember the positives in each day doesn’t always come easy, but creating the habit of focusing on the positives has overall changed my mental well-being for the best.

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April is C-Section Awareness Month. Here is My Story.

When I found that April is C-Section Awareness Month, I knew that I needed to share my birthing story. In 2014 I had an emergency c-section with my firstborn . Consequently, I then had a planned c-section with my second born in 2016. Both experiences were like night and day. After my second one, I really thought that I was over the stigma around having c-section… but then I tried to write my story.