Author: shawnamkitzman

Holy shit. I think we need a minivan.

Up until recently, I did not care for minivans. Driving around town, I told my daughter I never wanted one. “Not for me!”, I’d say, and zip along in my small SUV. Many respectable people own and love their minivans. Some of my very close friends gladly rock them. My sister-in-law sings the Toyota Sienna’s all-wheel drive

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This is What the Truth Looks Like: Considering a Third

My husband and I consider having a third kid. It feels like a secret that I shouldn’t share. I can feel the judgements coming on. People close to me will take one look at the tilt-a-whirl state of our lives, and wonder why we would deliberately pile on more. Then again, most people won’t bat an eyelash, we’re

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